Friday, October 22, 2010

Want a copy of my new book?

My big box of books arrived yesterday and the animals and I are very happy. If anyone wants a copy just e-mail me and give me your address. I am really proud of how it looks, the material could have been arranged and written better but if you start on page 84 you will enjoy, I am sure. I stretched my computer skills this morning and taped a video of Chloe and me.
I think it is going to rain this morning, the birds are singing and all the nature sounds are loud. Would be happy to see some rain, my plants need rain.
I got the grounding pad I ordered for Lonna and since there will be days that walking barefoot is going to be a bit difficult, I may use it some during the coldest weather. I love the technology. Yesterday I had visits from: UPS, Fedex and the postlady, the dogs were really excited. I opened the box of books and gave one to my postlady, she seemed pleased. I am listening to a replay of a seminar from Dream University, it is more practical than I thought it would be and today I have to finish the 10 most important things list that I did not finish yesterday and start on some new projects. I will dry clothes indoors today because of the possibility of rain and the dryer will warm up the house a bit also, that will make the dogs and cats happy. I had an old cat come to the front porch to eat yesterday, she looked old and very skinny but very loving. She had a tick on her so has probably been a stray for a while, seemed to have problems with the dry food but loved the canned food.
Gotta figure some ways to sell as many books as I give away, wonder how I can do that?

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