Monday, November 1, 2010

Wonderful Monday??

I really never got into the Monday thing because all the jobs I have ever had, did not have a week-end off. As I nurse I always had to be alert on the weekends and usually had to work, as a realtor I nearly always had clients on Saturday and usually Sunday afternoon too. When I worked in a restaurant, week-ends are 'when no one else shows up for work', etc., etc. ......

Went to a church fall festival last night so had a little time away from the animals, I regretted it when I got home, every one acted like I had a Velcro strip on me. Now back to getting all the winter clothes ready, putting away a lot of the summer stuff, don't know where I will put it, anyway I have plenty to do today, would love to be outdoors this morning while the sun is shinning. I hope to get some writing done today, if I don't do something creative with my mind and hands, I will get withdrawal as you do with a addiction. I had intended to go to Monett this week but since Princess came, I have to keep close to home or go where I can take a little toy poodle. She is really in a playful mood this morning. As you can see, Chloe and Daisy are in my rocking chair taking a morning nap.

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