Thursday, March 3, 2011

Exited about getting to run outdoors barefoot in the sun!

This is the kind of weather that causes the kids to leave their coats at school, cold in the morning, warm in the afternoon. I am really grateful for the bit of sun we can see. I do appreciate that the grass is growing and I see more green every day. I am listening to some motivational stuff today, needed it this morning. I also listened to the recording of Dr. Aziz, a really great "diet Dr."

More forward progress on my classes at: Lifelong Learning Center. I will not be in the booklet they publish because it is already at the publisher but I will be on the website soon. I am really excited about this opportunity and hoping it will be a really big success. I have my appointment with Elaine and Mia this evening to help Mia get started on the Children's Health Study of Juice Plus. I have also printed of the coloring book and puzzles for Mia to learn from. Since it is $ enrollment month for Melalucea, I will speak to Elaine about getting involved with Penny's Melalucea. I really don't know how I am going to get all the stuff done here, help Penny today and also research a place for my free all day workshops, wanted to do them here under a tent but am a bit leery about how bad the weather will be on March 26. I have have been neglecting my "10 most important" list so am too disorganized to accomplish as much as I could with a bit more effort. I have to go run with the dogs barefoot in the little bit of sunshine.

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