Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Great Day, birds are singing, dogs are sleeping and I am having a cup of coffee. Is that not great!!! I am so thankful that I live in the country and even though the traffic on 279 is loud, I am able to enjoy the plants, animals and birds. The dogs have begun to play but my little black pug is supervising, reminds me of my older sister. She was constantly supervising me when I was young. She would even tell me who to be friendly with and who to ignore. We would meet someone and before we got to their location, Gussie would tell me to smile and speak to them. I was shy but I resented her telling me how to behave. When that little pug lady starts bossing I always think of Gussie. She used to even tell me which desk to sit at in the school room. I did grow up and learned how to take care of myself very well. When I went away to Nursing School, I learned to do my own talking and became a completely different person. I think these dogs could survive without Chloe's supervision also but she is fun to watch. I love that old girl and love the workings of her little brain.

My vision improvement program tells me to tap the tips of my fingers together several times a day to stimulate the energy to the brain and the eyes, so every few minutes I put my hands together and tap, tap, tap the ends of my fingers. If I show a low of improvement in my vision I will teach everyone else how to do it and they will not even have to spend money on the program. We used to go the the craft fairs and buy something so we could use it as a pattern and make some for everyone , that is the way I use all the programs I purchase, buy one so I can make one for everyone else. I just love to give away information and 'stuff'. My O My I reached a goal already this morning; "No Misspellings".

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