Saturday, September 4, 2010

So Long, Felix

Felix did go to his new home yesterday evening and my house seems so much quieter. I will now watch the real Felix play football for the Cowboys. I opened up the cat door and the extended yard because no one else climbs the fence and goes on a 5 minute vacation up and down the highway. he will have a little boy and girl to play with and I know he will be happy even though he probably needs another dog to play with too. I really believe that every dog needs another dog as well as a human to be happy.

The season has changed, I notice that no baseball on tv, everything is football again. The air is autumn also. We had immediate change in weather from hot, hot summer to cool fall. I would bet we have more hot weather during September. I do like the cooler weather.

I am going to start another book on the computer today as I have sent my 3rd one to the publisher. Number Four has no title yet but I have been making notes for some time with info to write in it. I did a study of white tea yesterday and was surprised with what I learned. There is so much new to learn and research and I am excited about this new phase in learning. I have now started trying to find places to promote the 1st three books since I have fewer responsibilities here at home. I have been looking for new ways to do things and new ways to meet people. I want to start the new year of my life in a new way as I am closing out year 76 and starting year 77 in one month. Life is great, infinite love and gratitude.

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