Saturday, September 11, 2010

Gratitudes and blessings

I have been waiting for one of my roosters that I raised to start crowing and this morning I heard one of them make a good attempt. Sounds like I may get to hear the crow of a rooster every day now. I really do feel blessed when I hear the crow of a rooster. I am another thing I am grateful for; Stormy one of my outdoor/indoor cats was not present for treats yesterday mid day or dinner last night. this morning when I fed breakfast, she was no where in sight but a few minutes ago she showed up on the porch very hungry. I really miss any of my animals if they do not show up for a meal.

I am grateful that I got to meet one of my cousins, Demona, and her husband for lunch yesterday. It is so nice when I get to visit with people I enjoy. Last meeting was at a funeral several years ago. When you reach my age most meetings of extended family is at funerals, sad to say.

This morning the birds are singing, the grass is growing and my little JuneBug, kid goat, is talking. That makes me happy. Dixie (pictured above) and Xena are here for the weekend, Dixie gives my other dogs lots of opportunity for exercise, she loves to be chased. Just saw my grand daughter is on facebook already this morning, I did not know that college kids got up this early on Saturday.I think it is Saturday. After you leave the work-a-day world it is sometimes difficult to know the days of the week.

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