Thursday, September 9, 2010

Beautiful Rain

The rain is beautiful, the rivers of water I have to swim to get to the barn are deep and I must express gratitude for the wonderful water. My dogs and goats are allergic to wet so getting the dogs out to do their business has been very difficult. I am listening to motivational webinar replays this morning while I am on the computer and being motivated. I worked on my new website last evening as I watched my ball games. I added an article that anyone can download free and added a new page, I had to call the web people to see how to do it. I probably could have figured it out but it was taking too long.

Today Penny is going to pick me up so we can go to the Health Food Store, Cooks, I am reluctant to travel in my car because it is raining into the back, which is windowless. I need to make a list but just do some looking and shopping. I also spent a lot of time reading material from "The Wolfe Clinic" most of it was about digestion and fungus. I will continue reading the mounds of info they sent me.

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