Sunday, September 5, 2010

Oh What a Beautiful Day

It's a beautiful day and all is well. If I quote the song, "you are the cream in my coffee" it would mean that you make me happy. I have been without cream in my coffee for several days and today I have cream in my coffee and it makes me happy. Cream in my coffee is a vice of mine and I think it's negatives are cancelled out by the way it makes me happy. and happiness is the key to wellness, So There!!!

Because of the cooler weather the cats are very frisky this morning and are entertaining the dogs just outside the screen door.

When consulting with my friend Dan yesterday, I realized that I need some computer lessons, he is so knowledgeable and I have so much to learn. I think I will pick his brain and make use of it. Because I commented on facebook, I found an old friend, I love to connect with old friends. That is another thing that makes me happy. I have been using September as a month that I am trying to give something away each day and so far I have been successful. I am happy that I have touched some one's life every day. Some days it is difficult as I have some days in which I do not see a human at least not a 2 legged person. By the magic of the computer I can touch lives anyway.

From the looks, it appears that 4 of my chickens are roosters and I told them this morning that if I did not hear some crowing soon, they could make someone a nice dinner. I have been missing that morning crowing since Big Jim was murdered by something a couple of months ago. The early morning crow of a rooster makes me happy as does the distant sound of a train. Sounds of nature???

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