Thursday, September 23, 2010

watching Clinton Global Initiative

Some good news, I am a grand aunt, My sister is a great grandma.

Zoey is here and since she has no playmates at home, she is having a ball.

i had a great day yesterday watching Clinton Global Initiative via my computer, I even planned my day so I was out of the house only when they had breaks. I have it on again today. It is just so good, wish everyone could see it. So many good things going on that you never hear about. People from all over the world working together. It is really great to be able to sit at home in my old Jimmie dress and watch a great conference. I used to have to leave home, pay for the conference, pay for hotel and food, to be at a conference, how life is improved with electronics. I love it!!
Sophia, in the picture, is wanting a treat so gotta get busy.

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