Sunday, September 26, 2010

Picture of my son and Dory

Cool and rainy today, may have to put my shoes on, hope not. Will call Gateway today and see if they have any suggestions on how to get the computer started, if not will send it to my friend, Dan and see what he can do. I do not handle poor service very well so dread encounter with "customer service". Zoey will probably go home tonight so I will be able to start getting out with two legged creatures I have long list of "things to do" when I get out. Since my writings are on the crashed computer, I must start over on my laptop. Doing some research to find out how to get my son a gift certificate for a night out at the healthy restaurant in Mesa. Will get the phone information from Dr. Weil's website. Dogs are playing all over me so can't write any more for now.

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