Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Certique of Dr. Oz Show

I got a new laptop from my son yesterday, so great. I could not thank him because he did not answer the phone and did not return my call.

I tried one more time to watch Dr. Oz TV show yesterday, it was terrible. He spent an hour on Anti-aging, talking about looking pretty, not a thing about staying active and healthy. I was so angry that I went on the webpage, of course there is no place for comments about the show so I went to the Facebook page, I had to "like" it to comment but I wrote on the wall my thoughts. He wasted an hour advising people to use Botox and fill in wrinkles with fillers. A very bad idea. So much good could have been done. As you can see by my picture I don't think I look 76, maybe 75, and I am healthy and feel 40. I only criticize to help them improve but I have gone to so many webpages that do not want comments, I have had to "like" a lot of Facebook pages.

Beautiful day today and since Rambo and Lela are going home today I will go to the post office and mail off some books.

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