Friday, September 10, 2010

Great visit to health food store

I spent too much money at Cook's Health Food Store, my list was too long. I can't afford to go very often. Have another away from home experience today; going to meet my cousin Demona in Rogers for a little visit. Did not get as much done while I was out because I found that I had lost my cell phone. Spent some extra time looking for it and found it!! I do get very anxious when I loose something I use so much.

While I was watching my ball games, I listened to a couple of webinars. Am listening to a replay while I write this blog. I think I need to do a blog on each webinar I listen to, would be a nice idea, also might follow up on which advice I actually follow a week after I listen.

I will have Dixie and her sister here for a visit so will not be able to get much done this week-end.

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