Monday, September 27, 2010

Good food, love and exercises keep me away from the Dr. and vet

My but it is cool this morning, had to wear shoes! Now that the sun is out, off come the shoes so i can wake up my energy system in my body and get healthy. Zoey went home last night so the dogs are quiet this morning and I can get some work done, have to go to the livestock feed store today to get goat food. Very expensive to feed all these animals but with good food, love and exercise everyone stays very healthy and no vet bills. Same with me, good food, love and exercise, I stay healthy and no Dr bills.

I investigated the possibility of having a table at the Women's Expo in January and getting some paying wellness coaching clients also showing my books.

I have a long list on my 'to do' list so I had better get busy, also hope I will get another supply of my books today and a kindle cover Mary has sent me. I love mail so have to send a letter to my granddaughter in college today, she has sent out really strong hints via facebook.

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