Monday, September 6, 2010

Life ending encounter of an opossum

I think in text language it would be OMG, an opossum learned last night that he should never get in the yard where doxies live. In the middle of the night my doxies went out and had such a fit, all the other dogs came in but the doxies stayed out most of the rest of the night. Since I could not smell a skunk, I figured it was an opossum. This morning an opossum taking his last breath was being watched over by Megan, I threw him over the fence and the chickens were so excited to see him dying. Everyone got their thrills. We did not have a very restful night but everyone but me can nap this morning. My little hens are singing but I can't find any eggs, guess there is one hidden somewhere even though I set up some really nice nests and put an egg in them. Everyone I live with seems to be independent and wants to do things 'their way', it gives me a challenge; find the eggs, it is like Easter every day.

I started my eye exercise program yesterday to improve my vision and avoid cataracts. Most of the stuff I have done before with the exception of the starring at a string of beads, which is kinda interesting. I am going to do it the way it is set up and measure my success. I did a lot of reading yesterday since I am gathering new material for a new book.

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