Saturday, September 25, 2010

The big computer is not working so I got my laptop just in time. Now I have to do without all my pictures, my documents and the first 30 pages of my book, starting over is not new for me so here goes. A beautiful day today, autumn feeling, and I believe I will see those two legged creatures today. I do have to go online and purchase some supplements that are running low and I need to do some research today to follow up on some information I heard on webinars. I also have to do menus for some one's plant based nutrition, should be fun. I am listening to a replay of Dr. Norm Shealy, one of the few physicians that I almost always agree with, without exception. I am still dreaming about going to one of his trainings.
Today is a day when I will fry my brain with TV watching because of football and baseball. I have moved my rebounder so I can get more exercise while I am watching and of course I will be working on the computer too. Have wash to hang out and yard work to do so I will be outdoors, barefoot and will spend a lot of time with my animals. I have 2 doxies on my lap now and have several friends sitting on my feet. Lots of fun today.

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