Thursday, September 2, 2010

Is that Rain?

I only had a thimble full of rain but it is appreciated. I am hopeful that tonight and tomorrow I will get really wet. I will need to keep my livestock near the barn after they consume their apple treats under the apple tree.

Webinar on tapping yesterday so I am renewing my knowledge on EFT and will start using it more. I ordered Molly, my granddaughter, her vitamins/minerals in the form of Verve so she will be healthy while at college. That is one can of vitamins/minerals that I know she will consume every day. Lonna bought a chair for the computer and it does not fit me so today I must do a lot more energy exercises and rebounding. I did need a new chair but I am having trouble getting used to this one, just does not fit my body. between Ruby the cat and the two black pugs, my favorite rocker and there are 7 dogs on my couch, that must be an indication that I am not supposed to sit. I do think that most of the population 75 years old and older do have to 'sit a bit'. Have several webinars today so guess it is time to do the dusting etc. in the living room as I listen or move the computer to the kitchen (not a bad idea).

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