Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Accepting differences

I was watching my animals this morning and even though they fuss at each other they all get along; dogs, cats, chickens, horse, mini mule and goats. It is a shame that people can't live the same way. I am replaying a webinar this morning on forgiveness, especially self forgiveness. Some times I think that is the cause of so much chronic disease.

I set up a new webpage yesterday, and put a Buy button on it so my book can be bought from it, today I am going to find out how to put downloadable books and articles on it. I went through and cleaned up my hotmail account and made my password much larger and more complicated so no one can steal my contacts and send out their ads. I went to the Canadian Health Mall and tried to fill their contact e-mails with complaints. I probably wasted my time but I hope I wasted some of their time too. I had to forgive them in my energy exercises this morning. I am progressing with my eye improvement project and will have 20/20 vision before my 76 birthday next month. I am looking forward to not having to have reading glasses.

Don't have my solar clothes dryer (thankful for the rainy weather) this morning and will have to use the electric dryer, hope it still works.

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