Monday, September 20, 2010

Busy Day??

My but my brain got fried yesterday; Chiefs on CBS, Cowboys on Fox and Cardinals Foxsports NW, all at the same time. The remote was handy, I can not imagine the days when there was no remote control, I would have gotten plenty of exercise walking from the tv to my chair. My poor Cowboys. Then there were the Rangers later in the day. I missed some plays because I did have to take care of my animals, hang out the 3 loads of laundry, knock apples from the tree, etc. I did some more reading and also saw some of the In one segment was discussions with Tony Blair and Bill Clinton, enjoyed that a great deal. Had a short time of wellness counselling with a client via phone, the only really productive thing I did. I guess, at my age, I do not have to be productive every day.

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