Thursday, September 16, 2010

I see the sun this morning so can hang my wash on the clothesline today. Will spend more time outdoors with my animals and get some vitamin D activated in my body.

Jill is coming to stay with my animals this evening so I can go to the theater to see Nunsense live, my middle daughter Lonna is performing in it. I will take a couple of friends and really have a night out. I have seen it a few times but will enjoy.

I am replaying a webinar that I could not listen to last night. Carol Look on EFT (tapping). I do learn something new every time that I listen to a webinar. I did a great deal of writing in my book yesterday and did more research. I also did more reading in the Huffington book. Did you know that 1800 large corporations have the same address in the Cayman Islands so they can avoid paying taxes to help run our government even though we are cutting services for the poor and middle class? How selfish and self absorbed can you be if you can watch people become homeless and live on the streets while you avoid taxes even though you are rich.

I am grateful that I do not have to live on the street, even though I have gone from middle class to poor.

My gift today is taking someone to the theater. I am also writing some notes of encouragement.

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