Friday, September 24, 2010

Trevor came and picked up JuneBug, my little 4 month old goat and took him to a new home, we are all missing him, the goats, the dogs and me. Life goes on. I hope he enjoys his new home.

The Clinton Global Initiative is over and I will have to find something uplifting to fit into that space. I really loved watching it. I am listening to all the replays of webinars that I have missed the past couple of days. I also need to add some information to my book. I gathered research on the smaller laptop, my new one while I was watching the livestream on this computer.

It rained last night so had a problem getting my dogs to go out and get their little toes wet, had to force some of them to go out and do their business.

Did not see a human yesterday, except when Trevor picked up JuneBug, and probably won't see one today so will have to find some other way to communicate with the two legged species. One of the flaws in my life now because for so many years I saw hundreds of people every day, it is hard to get used to the world of "no human". Just have to be creative.

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