Monday, September 13, 2010

2 new family members

I was brought 2 new goats yesterday, family no longer could care for them so they joined our family. Lexi and Mattie have had a bit of difficulty with Jesse, my billy, he wants to add them to his conquests. I imagine he will win eventually and they have learned about dogs too. It is a big adjustment to come here to live but they already love me too much. I failed to get all my list done yesterday because I was spending time with their orientation. I am trying to think how to change their names a bit so they will start with the letter, "J". Lots of baseball and football on TV yesterday so I did have the TV on most of the afternoon and evening to stay caught up on my teams. I spent a little time reading my new book by Huffington, "Third World America". it is a very good book.

I did not hear the weather man say it was going to rain this morning so just had to rush out into the rain to put the livestock in the barn area so they could stay dry, goats hate water.

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