Monday, January 24, 2011

All the animals healthy and happy.

Computer problems again, I wish someone made a reliable computer or did good customer service, either one would be nice. I have spent 5 hours this morning trying to get one of two laptops to work. such a waste of my valuable time.

I did some reading yesterday a biography of Dr. Max Gerson, certainly am enjoying the book on my kindle. I also watched the film about bottled water Tapped out" and learned a lot about the greed in the corporate world. I sometimes forget that the 'almighty dollar' comes first in the minds of most people. I certainly am going to be careful not to spend my dollars on products from Nestle, Coke or Pepsi, I think they own a lot of the other corporations now also.

My daughters think I am crazy because my movies this week were: Tapped out, The Gerson Miracle, Dirt the movie, and Supersize Me. I could not find any of Micheal Moore's movies or I would have watched them too. Those movies make me wish to be a 46 year old rich person instead of a 76 year old poor person.

All 12 dogs and 4 cats are fat and happy, just thinking yesterday that it has been over two years since I had to take anyone to the vet. I love my vet but it costs so much to care for these 'free' animals, there is no money for vet bills. Of course they get the very best food; no coloring, no artificial flavorings, no pesticides, no antibiotics, etc. etc.

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