Monday, January 3, 2011

Infinite Love and Gratitude every day

Monroe and Quincy went home yesterday evening so the house is quieter, Barky is still here but will probably go home today. I am again listening to my Kwik memory lessons and trying to catch up with the lessons I 'speeded through'.

Cold but nice sunshine this morning, would love to just sit in the sun as everyone in the house; dogs and cats are sleeping near the windows. I do really appreciate the sunshine. I am practicing Infinite Love and Gratitude every day, starting with brushing all the dogs, feeding apples to my livestock and spending time in the back yard playing with the animals and getting outdoor exercise. I am also starting my list of people who need their buckets filled and I am going to start filling them (practicing "Dipper and Bucket" lifestyle". Who is holding the empty bucket that you need to fill?

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