Thursday, January 13, 2011

Battery in car frozen, No travel today!

Finally got my car door open then unable to get the car started, guess I will wait until the sun warms it up today, tomorrow and the next day. That must mean that I was not supposed to be out and about. I can't imagine riding very far anyway because I only have a piece of thin plastic covering the back window, might be a bit cold. Anyway the decision of whether to go out or not is already made for me. My "little birds' told me that it is cold out there!!!
Spent the evening watching the Memorial Service in Tuscon and felt really good about it. It still amazes me that there are so many self-centered and mean people in this world. If everyone keeps getting guns, I may have to move to another country that has some sensible lawmakers and laws. Well now that I have had my rant I will do some writing, finish carrying water to my animals and comb my dogs and cats. Infinite Love and Gratitude for my wonderful little animals. Lonna was home last night so I did get to talk to a two-legged creature for a few minutes.
The bathroom cold water pipes thawed last night and was nice to have both cold and hot running water in the shower, I am so grateful for the indoor running water; had none when I was young.

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