Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Going down Memory Lane; a good trip

Frosty this morning but looks great outside with the sun coming up in the Eastern sky. I got my vitamin D3 yesterday but will be glad to have the 'real thing'. I went on line and found the fruit and nut trees I wanted to plant this spring but have to wait for my Social Security check to push the Buy button. Barky is coming tonight she is a great little Pug, parents are going to Disney World for a week. I have been there a few times and really enjoyed it. When I was a Pampered Chef, I won the trip for four and really enjoyed it. I am competitive so if a company hangs a carrot out there I would always win it. I went to National Conference every year, all paid, Chicago, Florida, San Diego, and Washington D.C. I always had to choose which family members went with me. I went to Chicago lone and did not really enjoy it much. Besides that the homeless were frying eggs on the sidewalk in Chicago that summer. Some were dying on the sidewalk. Thanks for letting me go down memory lane this morning, you know how we old people are, we love that place called Memory Lane. It is a really good place.

After it warms up a bit, I have to work in the yard, cleaning then finding the places I am going to plant my trees. I am also going to extend my garden a few more feet again this year. Last night I watched a Razorback basketball game on TV, switched back and forth to hear the President speak and did some more reading. Sent out e-mails trying to get these young moms interested in giving their children supplements to keep them healthy. I also listened to a webinar by Dr. Mercola and Dr. James Oschman talk about "grounding (earthing)" I just love it. I am going to re listen today so I can squeeze out all the info I can. A free webinar can keep me entertained for days, how cheap am I?

In about an hour I have another tele conference board meeting; it is nice to attend meetings in my PJs. Later I have to get dressed so I can run to the post office since I did not see a two legged creature yesterday to run that errand for me. Enough rambling for today.

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