Sunday, January 30, 2011

Making my chicken roost safe

Got a lot of work done yesterday because of the nice weather, did a lot of work in the yard and barn, Trying to get my roost in the barn wild animal proofed so I can get some little hens. I am anxious to get some more chickens but need to make them safe at night, a lot more work every day but it will be worth it. I have to remember today when I grab the chicken wire, hammer and nails; I must also grab some gloves. I lost several nails and I have some wire scratches on my hands. I went barefoot all day yesterday but don't think I will today or I will freeze my toes. If you have not read about the health benefits of 'earthing/grounding', please do, being barefoot on the ground is very beneficial to your health.

Did not have time to do much research on the computer or my books but did write up directions for getting rid of acid reflux and had a nice visit with my neighbors on their front porch. I love neighbors who make use of their porches. There is a website for people who use their front porches. I need an old porch swing, I have a tire swing from a tree in my back yard but it is not really good for an adult.

My dogs are happy this morning because I gave out bones and they so enjoy chewing on the bones and it is so healthy for them. It is cool this morning and the birds are wanting the feeder filled. On cool mornings my coffee mug feels friendly and warm.

I extended my veggie garden fence and made a diagram for planting, I now have to list the dates for planting each one. I will start some plants very soon in peat pots indoors but must keep them away from cats and dogs as it makes for good digging.

How about that, no mis spellings again today, did not check for grammar mistakes!!!

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