Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy to be able to stay off the roads....

It is very cold and I am grateful that I do not have travel to work on these roads, I have been in the ditch so many times before daylight, trying to get to work. As a nurse or an administrator I had to be there or so I thought. God always provided a human to get me out and on my way. I lived with sore jaws, dealing with the stress of driving in ice and snow. So I am very grateful for the nice warm house and that I can stay in it! My farm animals do not like sub zero weather and it is no fun to keep them fed and watered. It does not look as if there will be any sunshine today. I think Barky's parents will make it home today, that is if Dallas or Chicago airports are not too far behind in traffic.

I am listening to Dr. Bruce Lipton and Jack Canfield this morning via the computer and spent some time yesterday doing some Quantum-touch study and found a workshop in Greenbrier Arkansas that would enable me to learn a great deal more. I do not need my weight lifting exercises because I get lots of that kind of exercise, walking in heavy boots through lots of snow and lifting water buckets etc. for the animals. I have not been shoveling much snow because I soon reach the sheet of ice under the snow. I do have a trail off the back porch and my steps cleaned off. I learned years ago how bad it is for old people, falling on ice covered steps. As a young person I thought falling and breaking a hip was the worse thing; it meant months in the hospital and special beds, etc. My how things have changed over the years. I do think falls cause all sorts of problems for older people. It ages people rapidly.

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