Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Number 13 on my "rules for wellness"; Socializing!

Yesterday was a beautiful day and even though it is cloudy today the air feels good. I went to town yesterday and met some really nice people. I had to get horse, goat, cat, and dog food so had to go to the feed store. I usually lift all the big 40 pound bags of food into the van but a nice young man helped me yesterday. I went to the Clarion Hotel to check on prices of renting a conference room, met a great lady there; Barbara Tillman, visited with her, gave her some books and also got a lead from her which will lead to my appointment today; teaching classes. I also went to Any lab test now and met a really nice young man who showed me their lab facility and showed me how they do their business. I will start referring people to them, he is a great resource for health and wellness. You have probably guessed that I gave him a couple of books.

The animals thought I was gone too long and they let me know that this socializing was not good for them. I made a big mistake nutrition wise, I stopped at the Subway and got a sandwich, too much bread for me so my gut did not feel good later on; but it was good at the time I was consuming it. Today I will visit with a Mr. Howard Foy concerning doing classes in wellness at his facility, it will be a fun morning. I will also check on some friends, Carol and Cindy. I may drop in on Dr. Labrie also. Maybe this socializing could get habit forming and I might neglect my animals, don't think so. I do have to up my pace so I can get more done.

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