Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Oh Happpy Day!

I was so happy yesterday to get out among the two legged creatures, had to run errands and catch up on the things I had put off for over a week. Made a stop at the office of a new friend and so enjoyed a conversation concerning wellness. Dr. Labrie is a chiropractor that my daughter has been seeing for a chair massage, she also does qigong, that is why I wanted to meet her. Her office setting is so wonderful and relaxing with good outdoor space. I think I have found a friend with a 'like mind'. I also stopped by Bud's to see my old friend Carol and came home to animals that thought I had abandoned them. I still have not caught up on my dog baths and getting the shed cleaned out, maybe today. Made a new batch of fermented slaw yesterday so I can stay healthy this winter. Listened to some more info on as I bathed dogs and made my slaw. I listened to more of Dr. Norm Shealy last night at bedtime and am listening to Donna Gates this morning as I get things done.

I am grateful for new and old friends and appreciate the fact that I can still enjoy every day of my life.

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