Thursday, November 4, 2010

Listening to Bob Proctor Interview

I got about 1/2 through my 10 most important, yesterday so am starting out behind. I did get my melaleuca order yesterday so have to do some cleaning today and that was not even on the list. The washer is going, the dish washer is going, the animals have been fed and all are taking their morning nap. Princess is in my lap so I miss a key often on the keyboard. I am listening to an interview with Bob Proctor, I really like him. Yesterday did do the research on the Ice Wave for pain and was impressed, I, of course, order a trial package. I will start with getting rid of Lonna's knee and shoulder pain. Hope it will work so I can free others of pain, that is the ones who want to be rid of their pain. After all the years I realize that some people just don't want to be well. I did not see any 2 legged creatures yesterday, with the exception of the UPS guy, this evening I will see people because we have a Melaleuca meeting and I am figuring out how to take Princess with me. I lost my puppy purse sometime ago after Harry quit using it. It will give me something to think upon while I hang the wash.

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