Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Infinite Love and Gratitude

I am cold this morning, went out barefoot but need my shoes. I had to get everyone fed and now we are all relaxed and most are napping. I am listening to Dr. Darren Weissman, I have one of his books on Kindle and practice some of his Lifeline techniques, Infinite Love and Gratitude. So much to be learned. I am so grateful that I am going to do a bit of socializing today with new friends.

I just glanced out the window and saw Stormy the cat dart down the driveway on her way back from the barn where she always goes after breakfast for a bit of dessert. She then scratches the door for another little treat. She certainly lives a good life after being a stray. I think she is so interesting to watch. I have developed a love of cats in the past 5 years, I thought you had to be a dog person or a cat person but I find that they mix rather well. I read an article about how teflon is poisoning birds so went out and picked up the old teflon skillet that I had out for watering the cats and birds. It is like the canary in the mine; kills birds, next kills humans??

Ludwick, one of the min. doxies, has something wrong with one toe and it is swollen so I have been soaking it in warm water, hydrogen peroxide, oil of oregano and Melaleuca oil. I can't see any wound but he licks it a lot so I treat it.

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