Thursday, November 18, 2010

I had a wonderful luncheon yesterday with two new friends. I am afraid I talked too much because my interaction with 2 legged creatures has been so restricted the past few years. They bought some of my books so that is different, I usually give away many more than I sell. just in case you are interested I have some to sell and they are available on

I am listening to a webinar this morning as I go about my business; Jim Kwik, brain longevity. I have never heard this speaker so am anxious to hear what he has to say. I got a new book to read yesterday: Why Marry a Millionaire? Just Be One, and while you are at it change the world, by Wendy Robbins. I started reading it last night and it appears to have some good info. Not that a 76 years old lady could marry a millionaire anyway, maybe I could be one??????

I am grateful for new friends and also grateful that it did not snow last night, felt like it might.

Jim Kwik is reminding me of Dale Carnegie classes, techniques for remembering names, etc. One of his subjects is speed reading, also. He is into reading a book a day. I do that but mostly on line. I am going to have to re play this one because when I am working around the house I miss too much. I would suggest that you look him up on the web or at the book store. I will see if his information is on Kindle.

When the NSI recommended a supplement, Modifilan for removing toxic heavy metal from your system, I ordered it, started taking it this morning, just because. Can't imagine how I can figure out whether or not it is effective, Oh Well.

Today I have to do some house cleaning so I have to get started, my least favorite job.

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