Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Stray Puppies comming

Dixie, Zena and Zoey went home last evening and the house is a bit quieter, but today I will pick up three stray puppies that I do not need. Maybe we will find a home for them quickly. Does anyone want a male lab/pit bull ?? mix? Diane says they are very sweet and smart little dogs. In the time of black Friday/ciber Monday, you can take one free and get a second one free, such a bargain! Anyone that would stay in a tent at the store front door for several days for a bargain should be glad to get a free puppy. I may have to start feeding cheaper food than the best.

It is cold this morning because there is some wind, the dogs love it outdoors but I can't stay long and they do follow me in quickly. I suppose I make a nice security blanket for them. Nellie and Ruby are hoping that Lela goes home today, she has had too too much Lela the past several days. She will have infinite love and gratitude when Lela is gone!! I an grateful this morning that I have four walls and a roof and also a soft bed to sleep in, can't imagine how difficult life could be, homeless. anything is possible. I will give away some more books today as I travel to pick up the puppies, would be nice if I would sell them, wouldn't it?

I will do more of my Jim Kwik memory classes today and by tomorrow I should be able to remember everything!!

I have to go get another cup of coffee to keep my hands nice and warm and Rambo says he has been out of my lap way too long so gotta quit rambling.

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