Thursday, November 11, 2010

Visiting my Granddaughter @ Cottey

I am listening to a Dr. I found through Dr. Symeon Rodger and can't hardly contain my excitement over his information. I will blog about him tomorrow. I am dressed and ready to go see my granddaughter at college today and spend the day with her. I did a lot yesterday but can't think of much I really accomplished, I did take some books over to Janice Labrie so she can show them and maybe sell a few. I went to see my friend Carol and see if my pain dots, Icewave, would relieve her knee pain. I spent hours on the phone without much good outcome and I got some hay for my livestock. I hope to see my friends, Mary Alice and Jim Shannon today while I am in Nevada, MO. It is a holiday today so I do not need to worry about getting any mail of packages. I am grateful today for the opportunity of see my great little granddaughter.

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