Saturday, November 6, 2010

Down right cold last night, football weather for sure and almost basketball weather. Everyone is in front of the little electric fireplace, I have to move more blankets over there. Tater, the big fat Shepherd that looks like a huge Sweet Potato, is curled up in one of the little beds and hanging over on all sides, he thinks he is a toy dog. We stayed in bed a little longer this morning because everyone wanted to snuggle for a while. Since the mimi mule and chickens were not snuggling they vocalized their disgust at being fed a little later. Nellie and Ruby also meowed loudly. I have lots to do so I can catch up, Really got behind yesterday because of 'Lil Bear's death, never did catch up. I have to call and order more hay today because there is no grass because of the big freeze. Trying to get in touch with Doyle.

Yesterday I heard a webinar on TAT, using it for weight lose, then had to spend time doing the research and downloading the free booklet and MP3. My documents are full of free stuff that I am needing to read and listen to. When Princess goes home next week , I can spend more time reading.

Infinite Love and Gratitude for my great little animals, they love me whatever my mood. The picture today is of Jackson, he was named Jack and I do much better with 2 syllables because they hear me better and obey much quicker, just like I used to use first and middle name when correcting my children. They knew I meant business when I used the whole name.

Just like going to the store and as soon as you leave you know you forgot something, I did my Melaleuca order and almost immediately remembered what I did not order. It is not due to my 76 years of age, because I did it as a young person too, then I blamed it on the kids distracting me. I just try to put too much in each day, I think.

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