Friday, November 5, 2010

Good bye 'Lil Bear

Last night when Princess and I got home from our Melaleuca meeting, 'Lil Bear did not want to go play and I carried him outside to do his business. He climbed up the stairs to his favorite place in the bed and when I got up this morning he was dead. We don't know how old he was but when I got him, almost immediately he had to have his teeth removed, his ears had to be treated every day but he never quit letting everyone know what to do, he would bite with his gums anyone who opposed him. He was a really fat little Pom and I had to brush him at least twice a day. I fixed special food for him twice a day and he loved life. He was left with me I think four years ago and I will really miss him. He made certain that he was fed first, brushed first and into the car first when we traveled. He was one of my car boys and went with me whenever I got into the car. I have spent time this morning expanding my graveyard flowerbed and had to haul soil from my garden, move the edging bricks and plant flowers on his grave. I got my weight exercises for certain, I still need to move a bit more soil and manure. Princess had to be with me so that made it a bit more difficult.

When I took Princess last night I had to sit, not too close to anyone, because she will bite anyone but me who touches her, not an easy dog to take because she is so cute everyone wants to pet her or hold her, she is a mighty opinionated little soul. I covered her with my shawl and she even went into Panera Bread with me for a bit of soup, we sat in the back room, Jill and Penny got my food for me. All the other dogs and cats missed me because I was away from home almost 4 hours. Only 12 dogs and Princess this morning and I already miss 'Lil Bear, he was always touching my foot.

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