Saturday, November 20, 2010

Just Rambling today

I just read a quote on Twitter: Cats are smarter than dogs, no one could get 8 cats to pull a sled through snow. I do agree, my cats are too lazy and do not like cold.

I got a bale of hay last night for my livestock and they are happy. JR the mini mule is eating as fast as he can this morning but he does not move very fast. Coffee cup feels good this morning but the sun is shinning so will probably be a nice day. My kids are going to "Steal your Dollars" City today with a group of friends; crafting and riding all the funky rides, should be a nice day for it. I could not go because every time I spend money on something like that, I think about better things the money could go for, too much "guilty feelings" whispering in my ear. Just think how many hunger animals or children that money could feed.

Zoey is enjoying her vacation with us and Monday evening we pick up Molly and Coco, beagle and Corgi, then I add some every day. Sleepover at Mema's is very full for Thanksgiving; Lonna will bring me some large bags of Blue Buffalo food, it is the best. I wonder if there is any place that has damaged bags of Blue?

I have been wearing my pinhole glasses to improve my vision, doing my eye exercises, taking my eye supplements, etc. I can now read 12 point print but most of the books etc. are 11 pt or smaller. I will keep working at it to get perfect vision and am putting drops of castor oil in my eyes at night to disolve any cataracts that might be forming. Give me another month to become perfect.

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