Sunday, November 14, 2010

"Frost on the Pumpkin"

You could truthfully say the frost is on the pumpkin this morning, my neighbor has a fall display in his yard and the pumpkins are covered with a heavy frost. I did go out barefoot this morning but my toes felt very frosty. Lonna came yesterday afternoon for about 10 minutes so I did see a two legged creature, she brought some food that was left from the luncheon they served and also had been to Sam's Club so had bags of dried fruit, baking soda, etc., etc. I am well stocked for a few days. The dogs and cats had bits of ham in their breakfast this morning and loved me a lot for giving them a taste.

I am re listening to Bob Proctor this morning, he is so inspirational to listen to, not that I follow through with his suggestions.

Even Domino, the border collie, wanted to sleep in the bed last night with the rest of us so I did not really sleep well. Part of my problem was that I had a nutrition bar yesterday that contained sugar and I know better now, I learn from my mistakes. I think the goats would have come in too if I had let them back into the yard instead of in the barn lot. Everyone wants to hibernate with me. Nice sunshine today so the frost really sparkles. I will be able to get my free vitamin D today and also make my telemeres longer going barefoot, so I can increase the activity of all my body systems.

Got some new reading material yesterday and now have to decipher it and do more research. A representative of Protocel called yesterday to see how the product was working, had to tell her that it was on my shelf waiting for someone else to need it, it treats cancer; I wanted it so I could offer it to someone else, I do not need it and never will. I did have a nice discussion with her and told her about the experts that I listen to and believe. I have no problem talking to anyone about real wellness, not hard for me to get on my old soapbox.

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