Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Learning from great experts!

Princess went home so life is easier this morning, don't have to have her in my pocket all the time. I listened to a webinar by Dr. Norm Shealy last night and am replaying today, also listened to some of the information on the melaleuca website, to learn more. I have to finish the dog baths today and finish cleaning the shed so I can put away my lawnmower and tiller. Then I have to clean the tub so I can do some of Dr. Shealy's suggestions on the bath and castor oil rub for detox. I transferred some of Donna Gates' mp3 to disc and listened as I got ready for bed. I am really grateful that I have the ability to learn from all these experts.

The sun is great this morning and I am grateful that I can take off my shoes today and walk on the earth and at the same time get my vitamin D. I do have to get dressed today because Nellie reminded me that we can not run dry of canned cat food. I did the deworming of dogs and cats yesterday so used up all my ground beef so they would love their treat?? I spoke on the phone to an old friend, Pat Lemmer last night and really enjoyed my conversation, have to find a time to meet with her and teach her some healing modalities.

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