Friday, November 19, 2010

Winter is on it's way!

Really frosty this morning, had to put my shoes on when I went to take care of the animals. The sun is shinning so it will warm up a bit I know, Zoey is coming today, that little white dog gives every one exercise, it is run, run, run. Sophie the cat did not come for breakfast this morning on the deck, when I went looking, she came running from the direction of the barn and acted a little frightened. I had to hold her and feed her so she would look comfortable. Don't know what happened, wish she could talk. Since it was cold last night I tried to get both Sophie and Stormy to come inside but they went right back out, guess they are happier out side.

I did some more reading on the Kwik reading and recall systems, wish I had known this 50 years ago. I do remember sending my husband and son to rapid reading seminars back in the '70s. I am grateful that those things are available now. I am also very thankful for the sun this morning, bought some black water hose to get water to the barn lot and put it to use this morning, black hose thaws faster than the other colors so I can thaw it out fast once the sun comes out. I am already dreading the feeding and watering routine when it is very cold and especially in ice and snow, guess it makes me healthier. Whoever goes to football games tonight will really have to bundle up. Here comes Zoey so gotta hush and go run.

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