Friday, December 10, 2010

Stocking up on Superfoods and fermented foods

Picture is of Rambo.
I just ordered a lot of the superfoods to keep me healthy through the winter: cocao, gogi berries, spirilena, coconut oil, etc. etc. I am going to make an order of fermented stuff from , I am listening to a replay of Donna Gates webinar, all the 4 legged creatures have been fed and have had a couple of runs throught the back yard. The cats are very happy that Lela is going home today!!! I will have a new little doxie here for sleepovers starting tonight, am anxious to meet him. I have not found anyone to do the gift delivery to the employment security office on Monday so will probably have to postpone that idea, my life has always had detours and postponements so I am used to that idea.

If anyone is interested in the RAVE nutrition plan, I have the DVD and the book, I am not interested in the complete program because I disagree with much of it. It does give me some information to research.

It will be much quieter today with Lela and Rambo going home even though Dixie is still here, she is the 6 foot 2 year old child, in spite of that she is loved. Everyone but Buddy is napping now and I am hoping that he will settle down quickly. I am afraid that he will some day be that 6 ft. 2 year old.

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