Sunday, December 5, 2010

Two more puppies need a home

I had a great day yesterday, connecting with an old friend also was with family and that is always nice. I just love being with humans for a change! Still have 2 puppies and Dixie and Xena came for the weekend. Lots of play this morning but everyone is having a nice nap now and I am listening to a bit of Christmas music. When Dan loaded my laptop, he put all kinds of music on it, I am listening to Christmas music from a Saxophone.It is cold today and looks like winter outdoors, had to put my shoes on and that means it is really cold. Just gotta be happy that I have shoes. It is a sign of real winter when Stormy comes into the house to sleep.

Today I start my third week of memory classes and speed reading, I love it! My eyes are dry today, watched too much basketball and football yesterday afternoon and evening. I was lucky with the basketball games but one of my football teams was not so lucky. I need to find out when my Chiefs and Cowboys are playing today. I heard from an expert that we were not supposed to watch more than 12 hours a week of TV, that would not be enough time to even see 4 games of any kind, he has to be a terrible expert and one that hates sports!! I hope he means that you should not sit for 12 hours, you think?? I do have to get back on a better exercise schedule, the puppies have distracted me, they have really upset this old lady's routine. I hear that it is good to have some distractions, it helps energize you. This old train wreck needs to get back on tract.

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