Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I am very grateful for the beautiful sunshine; no fog, just a beautiful orange ball in the sky. I am also grateful that my neighbor, Joy, brought me a beautiful fruit basket yesterday and it smells so nice and will taste great too.
Sophie decided that she would take back her spot in the kitchen; taking it away from Nellie who is a bit sullen this morning because she had to share. I can almost see the wheels turning in the heads of both of those cats. All are enjoying the sunshine as it comes through the windows. I will gather some pine cones today so I can make some bird feeding stations from them with peanut butter and bird seed. I have to go to the store again today because the cats have eaten all their canned food, they can't seem to get enough canned food.
I hate going to the store this time of year because of the crowds but it is much better now than when I had to drag four little children with me everywhere I went. I also hate to buy gas, it costs more to get to the store than I will pay for the cat food.

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