Friday, December 17, 2010

I am having trouble with time organization this morning so I am late getting my blog published. One thing leads to another until everything has gotten unorganized. Phone calls for my kids pet sitting business, people calling with a small problem to discuss, two dogs needing extra loving today for some reason, wash to do, etc., etc. I am listening to a webinar as I come in and out of the living room. I am trying to figure a budget that gives me some money for small gifts for immediate family members, does not look promising at this time. In order to figure a budget for January, I called a guy to get an estimate of what it would cost to install a wood stove in case I find the funds to purchase the stove.

I try to plan ahead in order to make my life easier. I did not plan on all the animals eating more now that it is winter, guess I forgot about the additional feed needed for winter. All are fat and happy, I think I found the hole in the fence that was allowing my hens to free range into my neighbor's yard and today I will finish the repair.

I saw several cardinals in my front yard so made a bird feeder for the front yard, I want them to keep coming, also have to remember to put fresh water for the birds every day since we are having freeze conditions. Maybe by next year I will have a solar heater for the birds' water.

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