Monday, December 20, 2010

I am grateful for the bit of warm weather, went out barefoot this morning and it felt good. I am really saddened that Big Jim my rooster died last night, he was such a wonderful little rooster. He was a mixed breed but had the little feathered feet and legs, beautiful colored, I missed his crow this morning and when I went into the barn, his body was there and he had been beheaded by something. The three little hens are very quiet today, I will really miss him crowing every morning. I love the crow of a rooster. I have such a hard time keeping my chickens safe and at the same time allowing them their freedom.

Today I hope Molly will come see me and play card games, they did not get here yesterday so my day was dedicated to watching the Dallas Cowboys and the KC Chiefs win, I loved seeing those two teams win.

The dogs and cats are napping and I wish I could join them.

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