Friday, December 3, 2010

A home for Kidd

I was so happy to let a new family welcome Kidd into their home. Buddy is so much easier without the brother. Spent some time outdoors with all the animals yesterday and the weather looks good today; a little cool but bearable. I thought I got the barn lot fencing chicken proofed but 2 of my little hens went for a "walk on the wild side" and I had to round them up. I have to work a bit harder today to close off their little door to the "wild side".

My Suns were on TV last night so I stayed up a bit late to see them win. I love to watch those guys! As I watch I get some reading done, am still trying to get all my information on Quantum Touch added to my brain computer. Also did some study of the Emotional Code. I went through some new DVDs of Qigong/yoga mix and found them very good. Oops the cat just ran across my keyboard and I had to start over, she likes electronics, must make her feel better. After I got her off my computer she went to the cable box to sit. The cats are eating me out of house and home, I have to get more food today. Nellie is a big eater!! All the animals are requiring more food, it must be the cold weather.

Today I must express my gratitude for families who want to rescue a small puppy and are willing to make the commitment to care for an animal. I am also grateful for the beautiful sunshine today. The family who adopted Kidd was of course, rewarded with a couple of my books, they may not read them but at least I am giving them the opportunity to learn.

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