Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Some homework for my "students"

As I was writing yesterday afternoon about the ways to give to others, I thought about how much of a giver my Dad was and then my thoughts went to my Mom. Mom has been dead for 40+ years but I can still remember much of her advice. So much of what she told me was right on for today's problems:

  • Never wear something with dyes in it near your body, always white socks and underclothing

  • Cotton lets your body breathe so none of those nylon undergarments.

  • Layer your clothing in the winter

That is just a little bit of her advice that rings in my head. She could sew anything without a pattern so when my uncle came back from WWII and brought a damaged parachute, we all got beautiful white nylon dresses.

Today I want you to pretend that you are in my classroom and do a bit of research on things that were in the house of grandparents that had medical benefits. Apple cider vinegar, Baking Soda, peroxide, Cinnamon, Oregano, Castor oil, Boric Acid, Sugar, and add oil of oregano and tea tree (melaleuca) oil. There are many things but these come to mind quickly. If you google "health benefits of......" you can get the information or I will be writing it all down in my next book. I was just reading a webpage of one of my experts and he was relating the testimonials of cancer patients that were healed by flooding their cancer with baking soda. I filled wounds with a sugar and honey paste for healing and it worked better than all the ointments. I clean my sinks and toilets with soda and vinegar and clear all my drains with it too. And if I get bladder cancer I will use it on that drain too.

I will have Quincy and Monroe starting tonight and I am anxious to see how much fun they can have with the puppy, that is, if the puppy does not find a new family.

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