Sunday, December 12, 2010

VERY CCCOOOLLDDD and windy last night and this morning, not many dogs agreeable to going out to do their business. I had to carry Sophie in from the porch because that cat was going to freeze last night. Now all four of the cats are indoors. I will send Dixie, Xena and Wally home today and my house will be so quiet, Shhh, don't tell anyone, just 13 dogs and 4 cats. The farm animals did not really want to come out of the barn to eat and the rooster only crowed one time and it was a weak crow, it says 19 on the thermometer but I think it is frozen. The livestock water is frozen solid will have to carry water after they drink what is in the heated bucket.

I am happy that Buddy found a home yesterday and I will call to follow up on him and his brother today. Nash who is at Penny's house will get a visit today to find out if he can find a good home. Monroe and Quincy are staying another couple of days.

I did not get much reading or research done yesterday but I did relisten to the Donna Gates webinar then just played Christmas music and meditation music after her webinar. I thought it might encourage the animals to relax. I did a little writing in my next book and hope to do some today after the sleepover dogs go home. I need a huge sun room just for the animals, wonder how I could get that without earning more money? I guess I had better answer one of those e-mails that tell me I could 'triple my income", if only I would do this or that and I certainly need "the secret" or positive thinking. I wonder if I imagine the room, it would appear. So much for day dreaming, I am grateful for the ability I have to dream. I made a mistake, spell check says that cccooolllddd is not a word, how narrow minded or them!

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