Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Connecting with old and new friends

Cold but sunny today so maybe it will be warm enough to spend time outdoors. Penny took Nash home with her yesterday so Buddy and Kidd are busy making up for the absence of Nash. They are sleeping better but messes are still frequent, Kidd wants to take his nap in my lap and get away from Buddy. Beautiful little personalities but busy little puppies. Tator is the only older dog who enjoys them, Jackson wants to play but really does not know how to handle their play.

I did some of the new exercise/qigong videos yesterday and found them rather good. I also tried to do some reading but the puppies make it almost impossible.

I got a call from an old friend yesterday and enjoyed it a lot, will try to see her this weekend, if someone can come stay with my dogs. Also made a new friend from Canada via facebook; interested in energy medicine and wellness so we have a lot in common. I love reconnecting with old friends and also making new friends. I am so grateful that because of technology I can do both.

Because of the puppies I am not getting to spend much time with my farm animals so have to make an effort today. I will bring them into the back yard; my neighbor changed his yard decor and he put the bales of hay and his pumpkins into my back yard for the animals. I don't have to change my decor; leaves and trash, that is my decor. I am happy I don't spend my time keeping up with the neighbors' yards.

Puppies are waking up from their nap and I need to start the washer and dryer.

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