Monday, December 27, 2010

My little hen, Julie, 'layed' her egg late yesterday so I picked it up this morning, placed it in my pocket then proceeded to carry water to the livestock. I heard a crack and remembered that I had an egg in my pocket; already have that coat in the washing machine.

Very frosty this morning but the sun is shinning, that is great! I hope it thaws my hose out quickly. Late last night Zoey, Xena and Dixie went home, so just me and mine, plus Barky here now. I never have to wonder where Barky is, always near by. As I look out the window, lots of birds so I need to put out more food for them. My how great to see those birds every day, I am so grateful for my vision. My computer desk is under the window so I can always see what is going on in my front yard. Will be happy when my nut trees are large enough to bare fruit because I will then have squirrels too. I love to watch those little creatures. I doubt that I would ever have rabbits because rabbits and dogs do not mix very well, there was an occasional one in the back yard when I came here but they soon disappeared.

When I get paid for these sleepover dogs, I will try to gather enough money to get a wood stove, because with the weather here we may have a period of bad weather and no electricity.

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